jeteam: Enterprise Teamwork

:: News & Status ::


A new Wiki system is now available here. The purpose is to allow any registered user to publish and share their information directly on the web.
JETeam will become more mature in the coming months (and we work hard for that), we would like that users share with us and other users their ideas, comments or any other thoughts.

As a consequence, the News & Status section has been moved in the Wiki so don't hesitate to check it out. Also, in order to make our live easier, the front site is used to present consolidated information to visitors interested by knowning a bit more about JETeam.

For any other users who wants to go beyond and know more about JETeam, please visit the wiki page that will contain more and more information in the coming days.

:: Introduction ::

JETeam is a J2EE application that aims to help members of a team working together by offering enterprise services (follow ups of tasks by managers or developers, notification when the status of the project change and so on) and is 100% pure java.

This project has been started with the idea that in order to improve the quality of project developments, all members (manager, coach, developers...) working on one (or more) project(s) need to have a single point of communication.

With this we mean that JETeam groups into one application the following services (not a full description):